Benny’s Namesake

Benny at CHLA Music Therapy

Today is the birthday of “Benny’s ” name sake Zaida Ben.  He would be have been 99.

We celebrated last night during a private music therapy session the hospital provided.  The class was open to all patients and families, however, no one other than my family attended. Another act of Hashem’s kindness.

It was the most special 1/2 hour we had as a family all week.

Benny was singing, dancing and Having a ball.

We played a game and one question was to share what inspires you.

My daughters answer ” Benny “.


Benny loves singing zmiros at the Shabbos table as did my Zaida Ben, ESP Kol Mkadeish Shvei and K Ribono Olem Please have him in mind in your zmiros This Shabbos


Wishing you all a wonderful Shabbos!


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