Am I doing all I can???

Boruch Hashem we are lucky to have family and friends who are incredible resources in good times and not such great times. We have been stunned by the sheer volume of incredible meritorious activities undertaken by all of you on Benny’s behalf…

However, here’s the rub… I have never felt more useless…

I feel the need to make the grandest gesture of my life. Something that will show Hashem how powerfully and desperately I am crying out for Benny’s Refuah Shelaima Min Hashamayim.

I desparately want to say:

I’ll write a thousand seforim… Finish shas 50 times… Give 10 million dollars in tzedakka… Daven 24/7…

Instead, I barely have time to think… To daven with a minyan… To keep giving the appropriate level of tzedakka and not worry about financial considerations… To keep my seder with my chavrusa… To attend the shiurim I used to…

When receiving Brachos from gedolim (great Rabbis) over the last few weeks I asked, “What should we be doing?”

One Godol, himself unwell – looked at me like I was crazy. His expression  said “You really think this is all about you?” He said, “I have a theory… and don’t quote me on it… that this disease is today’s holocaust.” In essence, as with the holocaust, there’s no asking “why” or “what should I do about saving millions”. You just do what is expected of you “Yom Yom” (day by day).

Yesterday, we were Zocheh to receive a Brocha for Benny from R’ Aaron Schechter, SHLITA, Rosh HaYeshiva of Chaim Berlin. I asked the same question… “What should we do?”.  The Rosh HaYeshiva asked me rhetorically… “Do you daven?… Do you learn?… Do you give tzedakka?… Do you do Mitzvos and chessed?… Do you raise your children in the Derech Hashem?… That’s all Hashem wants from you right now…”

Well, each of you has made that idea much harder to stomach. Not that I am asking you to stop taking things on… quite the contrary… make the grand gestures that our situation robs us of.

However, I ask Hashem to allow our Kin’as Sofrim (our “good” jealousy) of all the amazing things being done on Benny’s behalf to be seen as if we have joined each of you in your chessed, tefillah, learning, kabbolas and shemiras hamitzvos (accepting and strengthening of Torah observance).

With appreciation, thankfulness and deep admiration for your kindness to our precious Benny.

Ari Brecher

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