From Auntie Shira – Amazing Hashgacha

For Friends of Faigie & Ari:
For the past 6 1/2 years I have had a Rosh Chodesh gathering at one of the local Coffee Bean’s almost every month.
On Monday, April 23, 2012 we dedicated the Rosh Chodesh Tehilim Group in honor of the Refuah for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah.
Prior to setting up for the party, I saw a man sitting for breakfast with his children. Not knowing who he was I asked him to daven for my nephew and make sure to write Benny’s name down. This man told me his name, and said that he will daven everyday for Binyomin Chaim. Last week, this man’s son who is the same age as Benny was also diagnosed with a machla. This man brought his son to the same hospital that Benny was at. As Benny was being discharged this family was brought in. Ari and this man met for the first time not knowing that Benny was the child he was davening for. To this day I am not sure if he knows yet. This other boy is also going to have treatment, but with Hashem’s help he too will be OK. The lesson from this, is that when you pray for others, your prayers are answered.
The gathering for Rosh Chodesh Iyar was the largest one to date. Over 50 women came to daven for Benny. There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. Everyone was very moved and kindly offered anything they could do to help.
When I went inside to pay, I met a lady in line. I never saw her before, so I asked her if she was from out of town. I asked her too, to daven for Benny. I gave her Benny’s Hebrew name. She said that she just received an email from a friend in Chicago about an hour ago telling her to daven for a baby. She looked at the email on her phone and sure enough the name on her phone was Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah.
I see all of the beautiful miracles that are occuring.
With the continued chesed and kindness, may Hashem bless Benny and all of the people who need a refuah THE ULTIMATE REFUAH.

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