The Cupcake Challenge

Today was the Los Angeles Ladies Bikur Cholim Luncheon.  I was undecided as of an hour before it began whether l would go or not. Not because I don’t support this wonderful cause, I just wasn’t sure if I would be up to crowds of people.

After deciding to launch the 613 merits a day for Benny early this morning and given permission to do so at the luncheon, I headed out.  Upon arriving at this most magnificent luncheon I was told by one of the organization’s founders that the entire event was being dedicated to Benny’s Refuah. I could barely speak, but as tears streamed down my cheek, it was clearly visible how moved I was.

The theme of the luncheon was The Ultimate Cupcake Challenge.  It sure was a close competition in presentation and taste. Benny did his own judging too!


B”H  more than 200 people signed up so far and the number keeps growing.  Our goal is to have 613 merits by weeks end or sooner!





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