Benny Sleeping Soundly B”H

Although the day, (beginning at 5 am and finally falling asleep at 9pm) was very long, Benny did great. Throughout the day Benny brought smiles to doctors, patients and most importantly his parents.  Almost immediately after surgery, Benny started dancing and before you knew it, a few nurses joined in. It was a joyous few minutes in the OR!

About 2  hours later, we had a surprise visitor who just flew in for a couple of hours,to visit us in the hospital for ten minutes, before having to return to the airpot to catch his next flight. This visitor is an old family friend who knew Benny’s name sake my Zaida Ben for over 40 years.  His words gave us tremendous chizuk and brought us a great deal of happiness.   Thank you!

Just a quick story…  The days are quite long in the hospital, so you end up walking the hallways and small talk with the other patients or mostly parents of patients.

One parent was telling me how rare her son’s cancer is and how the cancer cells try to outsmart the chemo and come up with new ways to avoid the chemo.  At that point I told her, “let him use his ‘smarts’ for Harvard one day!”

About an hour later Ari returned to the hospital with a gift that a dear friend from Boston sent in the mail.  It was a baby tee from HARVARD with a card reading one day Benny will grow up IH and attend Harvard and  go to my friend almost every Shabbos.  I”H Benny will grow up to be a great leader of Klal Yisroel and serve Hashem the way he is supposed too.

This story is just another example of how I see Hashem directly showing us that He is listening to everything we all are saying and doing and is right here with us along every step of the way.

So far we have over 300 signatures for the 613  Zechusim a Day for Benny.

Below are a few inspiring Zechusim being done for Benny.

  • my whole carpool on the way back from school has a machsom l’fi for twenty minutes in the zechus of benny’s refua,and at the end of the twenty minutes we all say a perk of tehillim for him. (9th grade girls)
  • I would like to I”H say krias shema every night in the Zechus for a refuah for binyamin Chaim Ben fagie Sarah
  • “IYh I’m going to bring in food onto my bus once a week so that everyone can say brachos out loud and say amen in the zechus of the Refuah shelaima for Benny
  • I will bn try to say Asher yatzar while standing in one place atleast one time throughout the day as a zchus for Benny’s refua.
  • “A favor or an act of kindness for a friend in need!
  • I would like to I”H say krias shema every night in the zechus for a refuah for binyamin Chaim Ben fagie Sarah
  • “Make sure to bentch right away before I forget.
  • Saying Brachos out loud and encouraging our kids to do the same.  Benny’s picture in prominently displayed on our fridge as a reminder.Thank you all for sharing your amazing acts of kindness towards Binyomin Chayim Ben Faigie Sarah’s Refuah Shlema .

Good Night!


One thought on “Benny Sleeping Soundly B”H

  1. The trremendous bitachon and emunah you and Ari have is overwhelming. Bli neder I hope to daven mincha everyday in the zechus for a refuah shelaima for little Benny.
    Whenever have felt I needed Hashems extra tlc I would begin to daven mincha. A teacher of mine in high school once explained the great significance of this tefillah. It is smack in the middle of the day. One must stop his work day, or busy lifestyle and remember their is a g-d above we all report to. This teachers words always stuck out in my mind. We are talking over 20 years.
    Iyh Benny should have a complete refuah shelaima and help klal yisroel.
    With all my love, shoshana

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