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I received the following message tonight (please read my note below):

“Dear Ari,

This evening I dedicated an event I had for university students for a רפואה שלימה for your son. Rabbi Akiva Tatz spoke at UCLA and we had well over 100 students present. The students were mostly beginners, far removed from Yiddishkeit and they came away truly inspired by Rabbi Tatz and moved by the dedication to your son. May your son continue to get better and be a source of inspiration to כלל ישראל and נחת for you and your wife עמו”ש.

Be well,
Dovy and Mimi…”

Dear Dovy and Mimi (and all of our friends new and old) –

We are humbled – and I do mean humbled – by the message you shared with us. To dedicate an incredible act of kiruv rechokim involving a true godol in that field to Benny’s Refuah brings forward, once again, a feeling we are arriving at on a daily basis.

Faigie and I are simple people. We try and do our best in all aspects of life but, at the end of the day, we are not worthy of the outpouring of generosity bestowed by so many throughout the world.

This thought, believe it or not, it quite heartening. One of the great fears one can have when a child is ill is that they will need to rely on the merits of their parents to make it through. Too scary to consider…

When we see the outpouring from so many on behalf of Binyomin Chaim, we are constantly reminded that his pure little, yet fabulously great, Neshama, must deserve every one of these zechusim.

So, with great humility, thank you, thank you, thank you. And may Hashem bless you in your incredible avodas hakodesh.


Ari and Faigie

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  1. After receiving an e mail and reading about your son, i decided i need to do my part too.I spoke to my colleague at Yeshivat Ohr Chanoch,and decided to dedicate the weekly women Tehilim group and shiur for Refua Shelema of Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah. Every Shabat between 30 to 40 women gather ,finish the sefer Tehilim at least 5 times with a shiur to be followed afterwards.

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