45 Days and counting…

It has been 45 days since the first counting of the Omer .  45 days since the first sign that Benny was sick.   45 days filled with tears of pain, anguish and yet somehow joy. Joy of 45 days of zechusim accumulating every minute of the day by family, fri

ends, and strangers (who are no longer strangers but part of TEAM BENNY) for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah.

Four more days to go… four more days to gather as many Tefillos and Zechusim that we can, to present before Hashem this Shavuot.   Four more days to beg Hashem to put an end to the painfully long Exile. Four more days to pray for the Geula Shlema – the Final Redemtion, the Refuah Shlema – The Ultimate Cure.

Benny has B”H been blessed with the opportunity to unite us from all ends of the earth to come together to daven on his behalf so that I”H he will be able to return the blessings  (as he is a Kohen) in the times of the Geula B’Korov.

It’s each and every one of you are making a difference and  will continue to make a difference in our Benny’s healing process as well as all of those that are in need of their own personal redemption.

Thank you!  Thank you!! Thank you!

Faigie  & Ari Brecher

Benny this morning at Coffee Bean Rosh Chodesh Tehillim group 

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