We need your Tefillos this Wednesday May 22

Please daven for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah this Wed. morning.  He will I”H be receiving a blood transfusion. This is to be expected after chemo.  We are asking that you are specific in your Tefillos and ask that the blood “B+” that Benny receives to boost his immune system be the right match. May he only become stronger from the transfusion and not Chas VeShalom weaker.  May he stay clear of any bad reactions such as fever or any other type of negative reaction.

Being that Benny’s blood type is “B+” it sure helps him BE POSITIVE !

Thank you and I”H we hope to update you on his amazing progress Wednesday evening.

One thought on “We need your Tefillos this Wednesday May 22

  1. Prayers and love from Janie & Jack at The Grove. Benny’s Aunt Shira was in getting Benny an outfit, and shared her video of him showing off his break dance moves! My team and I just adored his moves! We think well of our guests and their family, so we all thinking positive thoughts for Benny, and then some more. Karen, store manager

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