Count your Blessings…

We would like to thank  you all for davening today for Benny that his body accepts the donor blood without complications.

Thank G-D Benny is doing well this evening as we continue to pray for his full and speedy recovery

My sister Julie shared with me the following words of Chizuk

In POWER BENTCHING by Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss page 138

lo lidey matnas basar vedom
please dont make us need gifts from flesh and blood

REb Yechezkel abramsky zt’l  explains that the reference to flesh and blood is also a petition that Hashem allow us to be spared the need of any transplants or blood infusions.

The late Satmar Rebbe says : How can we say that we should never need to accept from others?People in learning find themselves forced to be supported by others. He answers that the gemora informs us that  there are threee partners in the creation: Hashem, father and mother. The father and mother supply the flesh and blood sinews and bones: Hashem supplies the ruach and the neshama. We ask Hashem that even if we need to accept support from others , it should come wholeheartedly from the Heavenly part within the giver; the soul and the spirit. It should not be matnas basar vedam, an insincere gift given begrudgingly which come from the material flesh and blood part of the person. 

We hope that going forward Benny will be strong and he won’t need a blood transfusion.

However if he does, and for those of you who have donated blood or platelets (we don’t know who you are) thank you so much. Just know you are a major part of Benny’s Refuah process.


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