Drink Hot Chocolate or Coffee. One cup a day!

Hello Fagie – I feel like your Benny is one of ours, my children look at his cute pictures that we have hung around the kitchen as they make their Brochos out loud and say amen to others. My seventeen year old daughter wanted to share with you what she has going on as a player on Benny’s team (she wants hats for all of her friendsJ!) Read below what these special girls are doing – we can’t wait for the Udmans to actually meet Benny I”H we will Bli Neder coem in for his Seudah Hodah which we know with all of these sechusim will happen.

Becky Udman   Preschool Director, Torah Day School of Dallas

Dear Brecher Family,

I would like to tell you about an amazing program tha we started in Zechus of Benny. We started the Coco club, a program every morning in school. Every girl that comes 15 minutes early to school and learns about tefilla gets  hot chocolate and coffee. We learn the book Praying with Fire. We also have signs hung around school with a picture of Benny and it says “say your Brachos out loud” All of the girls in Mesorah are davening for Binyomin Chaim ben Faige Sarah. But it extended even further than that. I was involved in running a kiruv program for non-frum middle school girls. At the event, your situation came up. When these girls heard about this, they decided that they too wanted to hang signs in their school for people to say brachos. These girls, who don’t even wear skirts, are now saying brachos in Zechus of your son!  We are alos going to sign up to help with the 613 mitzvos for Benny. May this be a zechus to see a refuah very soon!

Shayna Udman and mesorsah high school (Dallas, Texas)

One thought on “Drink Hot Chocolate or Coffee. One cup a day!

  1. I personally would like to thank all of the wonderful friends & family of
    I have so much gratitude to everyone who has done any mitzvah for my precious nephew, Benny. I love him so much. I would do anything to help him get better. However, it isn’t in my control. All of the outpouring acts of chesed and prayers have been helping Faigie, Ari, the family, and especially, Benny.
    It is a big source of comfort for my parents to see the kindness shown to their children during this trying time.
    Benny became ill on the first night of the Omer. With Hashem’s help as we count the last night of the Omer tonight. May Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah be blessed to go into Shavuot with a complete refuah. I wish for everyone who needs a refuah to be blessed with one as well.
    Chag Sameach to everyone.
    Love, From Aunt, Shira

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