A new meaning to the Holiday of Harvesting!

To Elaborate on Ari’s previous email, it is a BIG DEAL!

While the Holiday of Shavout, the Holiday of the Harvest, was over last night, we had one more day to celebrate B”H.

What could have been three LONG 10 hour days, we are so grateful to Hashem Yisborach that Benny was Zoche to have all the stem cell collections completed in just ONE!

Thank you for all your Tefillos and Zechusim,  and dedicating shiurim over Shavous over the last several days. Thank you to those friends that came to the hospital to help keep Benny entertained. Thank you for the delicious dinner waiting for us when we returned from the hospital. Thank you to those that watched our kids at home and did homework with them.

Before  leaving the hospital the nurses commented on how wonderful Benny behaved. One particular nurse spent the entire day in the room and was truly impressed with the family dynamics and the outpour of Chesed from the community.  At the end of the day he also signed up to be on Team Benny.  It was a true Kidddush Hashem!

Over Yom Tov we were told that it is a very powerful time to daven especially during Aseres Hadibros.  It was also suggested that we take Benny to shul so that he can look inside the Sefer Torah as the Aseres Hadibros were read.  And so we did.  We apologize if we disturbed anyone at the time.  B”H we had a successful day today and will do whatever it takes to have one tomorrow and the day after….

B”H tonight we are going to sleep with a sigh of relief and a BIG SMILE 🙂 !


One thought on “A new meaning to the Holiday of Harvesting!

  1. Yay!! I have been thinking about Benny and all of you so much. And I have been having Benny in mind during Asher Yatzar. Its so nice to hear such wonderful news. Wishing you only more and more wonderful news for him and your whole family… Love, me

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