The Power of Tefillah = 88 Million!!!

We didn’t realize until after today’s meeting with the Dr. just how successful the stem cell harvest was.  The Dr. told us that she was hoping to be greedy and collect  a high number of 25 million stem cells.   Well B”H thanks to all of the prayers and good deeds done on Benny’s behalf, perhaps many bathroom breaks with Asher Yatzar’s being recited or Blessings on food or millions of other Zechusim, Benny surpassed all expectations and collected over 88 MILLION stem cells.

Regarding the significance of the number 88. The number 8 signifies  L’Mala Min Hateva “above nature” . Benny’s stem cell harvest results was just that.   Can you just imagine, if there were 88 million Zechusim collected so far, in just 6 weeks?  WOW!!!  We are big believers in sharing. We share with all the Cholim (sick people) in the world these Zechusim (merits) for a complete Refuah Shlema Min Hashamayim (full  recovery from Heaven).

Keep the Tefillos and Zechusim coming strong so that the ultimate Geulah will come soon.

Below is a picture of a poster at a bus stop, I saw on a walk with Benny last night, after the stem cell collection.  The collection was also referred to as “savings in the bank” !


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