The power of one child!

Dearest Faigie and Ari,
We continue to think of you endlessly throughout the day with tefilla always on our lips.  Your constant updates to the TeamBenny site continue to inspire us all. My 10 year old Yishai stayed up all of shavuous night and as I  escorted  Tzvi and the boys part of the way to shul he turned around and said,on his own accord “tonight Kalev (Tzivia’s son) and I are learning for the refuah shelaima of Binyamin Chaim ben Faigie Sara.” At one point in the night Tzvi wasn’t sure where Yishai was and asked some other boys if they had seen him. They toldtzvi to check the ezras nashim where Tzvi found Yishai reading through Migilas Rus.  This was in the wee hours of the night.  Keep in mind that this is a child who struggles mightily in school, has attentional and reading difficulties thet require intense determination to be able to sit and learn even in the most ideal circumsances.  He did it for Benny and we all know that the Torah of Tinokos shel Beis Raban is paricularly beloved by Hakodosh Baruch Hu.  We look forward to hearing of the continued recovery of Binyomin Chaim as the zechusim in his merit continue to accumulate exponentionally!!
We love you,

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