Benny’s Welcome

It’s been a long couple of days, but BH as I write this update, Benny is sleeping soundly.

As I mentioned in earlier emails we are in the hospital for the week. As we’ve been told many times expect the unexpected. Yesterday, we were told to be ready to check into the hospital by 8 am as long as there is a room for us.  Well, 8 turned into 12pm.

Those few morning hours gave us a chance to visit Toras Emes Junior High Building.  Benny and I went to see the Har SInai that was so beautifully designed and decorated with flowers representing  Zechusim for Binyomin Chaim’s Refuah Shlema. The white fence represented certain restrictions the girls took upon themselves. It was quite uplifting and gave us tremendous strength for a very difficult day ahead of us.  We had to load the car with one extra piece of luggage filled with Zechusim after the visit thanks to you remarkable young ladies.

We were hoping to start Benny’s treatment soon after we arrived at the hospital, but, that also got delayed.  To make a long story short, Benny’s treatment started at 9:30 pm and lasted  throughout the night.  B”H he did not feel any pain, but was annoyed quite a bit as were we,  being woken up every few minutes throughout the night. Vitals being checked throughout the night, medications being given, and the endless sound of machines beeping drove us a little crazy.  By the time morning came, we were not happy campers. It felt like being on an airplane runway for 10 hours ready for take off, waiting and waiting; every so often falling asleep, only to be woken every 5 minutes by an announcement from the pilot, talking about going nowhere!  Unfortunately, I am sure many of you can relate.

Today, the hospital Dr.’s and staff spent a good portion of the day rearranging  the remaining treatments to be at a more reasonable time.  We will I”H resume treatment tomorrow morning at 6 am. We are so grateful for the wonderful treatment and excellent care the hospital has given us.

During the day I was approached by one member of the hospital staff who was so happy to share the news with us that Benny’s stem cell harvest was B”H record breaking.  We share that award with each and every one of you as a result of your Zechusim.  We are deeply humbled to experience the out pouring of kindness our community and extended communities have shown us. It is incredible to see the immediate reactions of what these Zechusim and Tefillos produce. Whether it be Benny’s contagious smile, the twinkle in his eyes, his dance moves, his pain tolerance and most importantly lack of side effects during his treatments.  We are so grateful to you all. I”H all these Zechusim should heal all those in need of one.

As I stroll the halls with Benny we pass many patients and their parents . I would love to share with them the endless stories that are being done on Benny’s behalf, but I don’t want to make them feel bad.  Instead I pray silently that they too are blessed with the army of inspiration, kindness and support they need to get thru this difficult time in their lives.

We wake up each morning eager to fill the Kos Yeshuos – the cup of Salvation/ Healing and go to sleep peacefully and so grateful for the overflow of Zechusim that are filled each day.

Today was the wedding of our dear nephew. Unfortunately, we were not able to travel across country this week and were sad not to be there.  However, we wish the Chosen and Kallah a life full of good health and happiness together for 120 years.  We look forward in sharing many future happy occasions together. Benny saw some short video clips of the wedding and was genuinely excited as he clapped his hands and danced with his feet as her heard the music.  Mazel Tov!

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