Watching the Moonrise

It is quite peaceful at night in the hospital (that is if the nurses let you sleep). We have been fortunate to get a nice room with a beautiful view of downtown LA and beyond. My favorite part though is looking out the window waiting for the moonrise (right over the hills behind the palm trees). It is quite fascinating to see the skyline of downtown with all the buildings lit up and to the near left is a skyline of palm trees.  Everything seems still, but then I get a glimpse between buildings of the freeway cutting thru town with cars racing by.

It’s kind of like the life we have experienced over the last several weeks.  B”H many moments of sheer peace and joy; enjoying our children at the Shabbos table,  Yomim Tovim and then the times of sheer chaos; speaking to what seems like every medical professional in all of Los Angeles, calls round the clock from friends and relatives checking on Benny and the rest of us and hearing those annoying machines beep to notify the nurses.  I wish there was a mute button!!!

So while I should be sleeping now to regain some energy for tomorrow I”H, I find myself looking out the window reflecting on our day and journey to Benny’s recovery.

I will save my thoughts of what I have learned from the moon for another time.  Giving over light in the darkest of time…


One thought on “Watching the Moonrise

  1. Dearest Faigie,
    I am sitting here in Ertezt Yisroel, peeling apples for shabbos and saying tehillim, at 1:30 a.m. I am peeling just like Bubbee Jean, with a knife (no peeler for Bubbee!!) and am thinking of her and Zaida and how they must be looking down from Shamayim and must be so proud of you and Ari and the whole family for all the chizuk and support you give all of us when it should be the other way around. I am sure they will be maylitz yoshar for Zaida’s little namesake . I love you.
    Always thinking of you,

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