A week of Renewal


The view above Benny’s bed. The Butterfly is not only beautiful to look as it flies through the sky is has a deeper meaning.  The Butterfly symbolizes renewal.  It sheds its old body to become a new beautiful creation externally, the soul remains the same.

The Jewish Connection writes :

While the butterflies seem to be just fluttering around, having a good time and sipping nectar, they are actually fulfilling an important task: they are spreading pollen and helping the flowers reproduce.

“The footsteps of man are directed by G-d” (Psalms 37:23). Wherever we go, we have a mission to accomplish. Like butterflies, we can help others and accomplish good things everywhere we go, even when we are having fun.

B”H Benny had the opportunity to accomplish a good thing this week, by visiting the sick right here in the hospital, as he fluttered down the halls.  Each and everyone of you are giving Benny the opportunity to help spread the “pollen” as you continue to produce Mitzvos upon Mitzvos in his Zechus and all of those in need of a Refuah Shlemah (cure).

Thank you to all those visitors that came from far and near. We couldn’t have made it through the week without you.  Thank you to those we’ve never met, but are making the place a better world in Binyomin Chaim’s Zechus for a Refuah.

Benny getting in a good nap under the clouds and fluttering butterflies.


One thought on “A week of Renewal

  1. The last thing I find myself doing before I go to sleep at night is to read your blog.
    The tears rolling down my cheeks seem to wash my face. I hope Hashem counts my tears and gives Benny an easy and speedy Refuah Sheleimah. I know how much you loved Zaida Ben ZT”L. Benny was the gift sent to comfort you after Zaida passed. XI love the story how Zaida danced at the wedding of the girl who was ill in Seattle. IY”H may Benny be the shaliach who dances at all of our weddings and simchas for 120 years.
    I also lay awake thinking of what Zaida would say or do in this situation. So the thing that comes to mind is….. ” why are you worrying so much? ” Zaida’s famous words. In retrospect, Zaida would spend his nights worrying about everyone. I ask Hashem for His true kindness and chesed to give Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah a quick, easy, painless refuah for 120 years. May Zaida Ben be a melitz yoshar for little Benny.

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