4 thoughts on “The Sweet Voices of Children Praying

  1. Such a sweet reminder of God’s love for Benny. Thanks for sharing all of your pictures and videos with us. They are so personal and beautiful too. Praying for you to have a good week with some good news too.

  2. Dear Faigie and Ari

    The only persons life I follow is Benny’s. I think of him everyday, many times a day. Everyday my Tova(who is 8) tells me that she davened for Benny today. We will continue keeping him in our thoughts and Tefillot and daven to continue to get positive results. Keep strong, you are an inspiration to all of us.

  3. our class says tehilim for benny every day and wish for him a refuah shelamah! we really hope he gets better, and that rb and the whole fam to come and visit! we miss u guys!!

  4. Faigie, I just want you, Benny and your entire family to know I am very sorry & praying for Benny. Sending you Lots of Love & Positive thoughts for a Immediate and Full Recovery. Refuah Shalema Ahshav Bevakasha. Big Hugs from Seattle, Brina

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