Dearest Faigie,
I read your latest update with tears in my eyes, but for a different reason than you may think.  You describe how, using Zaida as your model, you visited and tried and succeeded in cheering up a boy in the neighbouring room.  Our family was invited to a beautiful Seudas Hodaya on Rosh Chodesh Nissan.  It was a shabbos seuda in which they invited whole families to participate.  I was initially hesistant to exept the invitation as we are ba”h a large family that takes up an entire table. In the end we did attend and I have been grateful ever since.  It was a seudas hodaya for a little five year old girl who had been diagnosed with a specifice type of tumor in her kidneys when she was about a year, if I remember the details correctly.  She had to have on kidney removed immediately and underwent aggressive treatment to shrink the other tumors in the other kidney.  Both the mother and father spoke about their journey and the yeshuos they witnessed  and malchim they met along the way.  There were many parts of their message that struck a cord and had an impact on all of us.  Amazingly, one of the things that made the biggest impression on me and which I think of often is the fact that throughout their ordeal they continued to look outward for opportunities to do Chessed with others despite the fact that they had every excuse to keep every ounce of energy to continue fighting their own battle.  The mother, my friend Miriam, at one point, climbed into bed with a little crying boy to comfort him and hold him for most of the night as his father had fallen asleep from sheer exaustion. The woman sitting at the table next to us revealed that Miriam hosted a seudas hodaya for her, in honor of her baby surviving a bout with meningitis, against all odds.  Unbeknown to the celebrating family, the very day of the planned seuda, Miriam was notified that the tumor had returned and her daughter would have to go for further treatments.  She and her husband, David, did not tell a soul and shopped for, set up and celebrated as if nothing was amiss!! What Gadlus!!
  Your update very much reminded me of this amazing midah of always, no matter what, looking for opportunities to help others in need, whatever the need and despite your own situation. This is no doubt an unbelievable zechus and it is amazing that you include Benny himself in this accumulation of ma’asim tovim.  May you also be zoche to celebrate your own suedas hodaya for complete recovery of your little Benny. We are looking forward to getting the invitation!
With Love,

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