The 3 Stages of a Person’s Life

My Zaida Ben O”H used to say “there are three stages in a person’s life.

You’re Young,

 You’re Middle Aged and

You’re Looking Good!”

B”H my Zaida lived  beyond the “looking good”stage to “looking really good”!

He also used to say “at his age people no longer ask’ how are you feeling?’. They say ‘so what hurts?’

This leads me to my thoughts on:

How to ask about a person who is ill and how to answer the question as well?

When my husband and I are approached by others and asked how Benny is feeling, do they really want to know if he is nauseous, or would they rather just hear that he is  Thank G-D fine, and be on their way?   We know people are genuinely concerned for Benny and are very grateful for that.  This is more about addressing this question in general for all ill individuals. So I thought of a way if someone wants to know out of concern or help and has the time to listen they can ask “so what hurts?”  If someone does not have the time to listen to the ill person or the care taker, then they should just say “we are praying for  you/him/her” and be on their way.  The same goes for the reply, if the sick person is too weak to answer or the care taker is too tired or perhaps running to a dr.’s appt. without a minute to spare, a polite response may be is “thank you for your concern, I wish I had the time etc.” This way, no one is stuck or offended (hopefully)!

May all you Team Benny members be blessed to reach the stage of  Looking Really Good!

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