Hakaros HaTov (Giving Thanks)

A lesson my husband learn on a daily basis from our sweet little Binyomin Chaim.  One of many difficult challenges we face on a daily basis is administering medication to Benny.  There are oral meds as well as injections. In the beginning Benny made it tolerable. In fact he would take the dropper with the medicine and squeeze it himself into his mouth. When he got an injection, he would just lie down,  wait and not cry a peep after he got the shot.   It was amazing to witness and see this great Bracha (blessing).

As time goes on, Benny no longer likes the medications and tries fighting us with every bone in his body.  B”H he is quiet strong, a huge Bracha as well. We try different ways to help him in the process.  I usually feed him to try and sooth him  as Ari is giving the injection.  The interesting thing is what occurs after Benny gets the shot.  He no longer wants to drink and immediately sits up and reaches out for his Daddy.   He gives his Daddy a big hug and snuggles up to him.  Giving our own child a shot is so difficult, yet Benny knows, and gives thank you.  It is that hug of Hakaros HaTov that brings tears to our eyes each and every day, but at the same time gives us strength to give it the next day.

We may not have the opportunity to say thank you on a daily basis or in person, but we thank you all for your Tefillos and your Zechusim that you are doing on Binyomin Chaim’s behalf.

We have tremendous Hakaros HaTov to Rabbi Heshy Ten who led us on this road to Refuah.  Who helped open the doors we never knew existed. Rabbi Ten continues helping  Benny on a daily basis thru countless ways and we are eternally grateful.

As the school year comes to a close we are thankful to all of our children’s teachers who took extra special care of our children thru this difficult time.

We are so grateful to all you children who took upon yourselves extra Mitzvos, extra Kavana in performing your Mitzvos, and Davening (praying) and joining Team Benny.  Benny is B”H doing so well because of the big and very important small things you are all doing.  I”H as you go thru the summer and have a fun, please remember to keep rooting, cheering, perform acts of kindness, say Brochos (blessings),  before and after eating, say Asher Yatzor, say Thank You when someone does something for you,  and be nice to each other for Benny’s Zechus.  These acts will give Binyomin Chaim the Refuah Shleyma he needs and make you  a winning Team Benny Player!










One thought on “Hakaros HaTov (Giving Thanks)

  1. I have Hakoris Hatov to my dear sister Faigie Sarah. Thank you for giving birth and raising our big bundle of nachas Benny.
    I adore him.
    Refuah Sheleimah to my Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah and all Klal Yisroel.

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