The Countdown

As the end of the school year draws near; tomorrow for three, the next day for the others, I ponder how far Benny has come thus far and think about the future.

How do we count towards our goals?  Do we count down,  like “2 more days left to school” or do we count upward “today is the second day towards Shabbos?”

Being that Benny’s road to recovery and treatments is taking us G-D Willing through the end of the next school year, it is too overwhelming to grasp that amount of time. It is a summer, fall, winter, spring and summer.  Therefore, we count what Benny has  accomplished so far on his journey.  We focus on the past and present.  We B”H (Thank G-D) have a total of 73 days filled with miracles, prayers, good deeds and countless merits. Each day builds on the next and gives Benny the strength to make it through this difficult journey, so that G-D Willing, he too will be ready to go to nursery school come September 2013. Although, he may be ready for medical school by then!

We wish you all a wonderful, safe and happy summer filled with good health and lots of fun! Please continue to help in filling Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah journey with all your good deeds.  Each merit, each Tefilla (prayer)  produces healthy new cells. No good deed goes unnoticed!

 Benny recites a Bracha  (blessing) on his ice cream; Click on Video Link:  benicecream






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