A Return on an Investment

The other day I was taking a walk and as I was passing an alley I noticed a nail in the middle of the road. At first I walked away and then I turned around and kicked the nail out of the way. I didn’t want someone to step on it, nor a car to run over it and get a flat tire.   I thought about picking it up, but chose not too because of germs.  After I kicked it close to a wall, I noticed a man bend down and pick it up. He said to me “that was a nice thing you did.”  I  in turn replied what he did was nice and he completed the good deed. As I went on my way, I remembered back to last Fall ’11 when I leased my car and only a few weeks later I got a flat tire due to a nail I ran over in an alley.   I was not too pleased to say the least.   Looking back, I now say that I would take the pain of a flat tire any day over the pain we are currently facing with Benny.  I also thought to myself that this small act of kindness should go towards Benny feeling good this week, without having side effects from his last treatment.  Let his blood counts rise so that he won’t need a transfusion.  When his counts rise the shots (which we all dislike) STOP.

Today, I got the return on my investment. This afternoon, we got the results of Benny’s blood work and B”H they are on the rise.  He won’t need a transfusion and the shots can stop this round.  Later in the day,  I noticed one of my tires looking funny and I took it into the tire shop where I had to buy one many months ago. It turns out, that yes indeed, I had a nail in the tire.  It was the same tire I had replaced and it was under warranty B”H.   I thought to myself let it be a Kaparah (atonement) and let Benny’s treatments go well. I would take a nail in a tire over a shot in Benny’s leg any day!

I know this may seem strange, but the series of events from kicking one little/big nail away, did play out in the best possible way. BIG in that Benny’s blood counts are good B”H, to little that my tire that had the nail was repaired under warranty.

B”H we are home for a few more days, before we go back in next week for round 4 of chemo.  Once again we are trying to fill up as many suitcases with Zechusim as possible to take with us to the hospital.  One on many Zechusim we need for next week is Shmiros Haloshon (guarding ones tongue).  The treatment Benny will IY”H be getting brings his immune system to a very low level and as a result Chas Veshalom (G-D Forbid), he is susceptible to very painful mouth sores.  There are mouth washes to treat the sores, however, being that he is a baby, he won’t know how to spit out the wash and therefore, won’t be able to use it.  That is where you all come in,  to help continue with the Zechusim he needs to get him through this next difficult treatment.  There is no investment without seeing a return when it comes to acts of Chesed (kindness).  May watching what comes out of your mouth or being more careful on saying your Brochos (Blessings) be a direct source of Refuah for Binyomin Chaim ben Faigie Sarah.  Thank you!




3 thoughts on “A Return on an Investment

  1. IY”H this week, I will be aware of what goes out of my mouth, what I say and how I say it. May it be a zechus to fill up Benny’s suitcases of good merits!!
    Moshiach Now!

  2. You are my hero Faigie!
    The prayers for Benny are worldwide.
    Anyone who see his picture wants to be on board Team Benny!
    Refuah Sheleimah to your little tzadik.
    Chodesh Tov to you and everyone.

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