1st Day of Summer Vacation

It was fabulous! B”H Benny was feeling good and we were able to go out on a trip to the fire station. Zaida Elazer, with the help of some close friends, arranged a private tour of the fire station.  We met some new team Benny members including Bear the dog!

Benny and his siblings even got to ride in the fire truck and squirt the water hose. The kids had a ball squirting cars and trucks as they drove by.  Benny soaked up every minute and was grinning cheek to cheek.


Click on Link to watch Benny ride the fire truck:      fire truck race

We finished the day with a wonderful quiet family dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It was in honor of Rosh Chodesh, the end of the school year celebration and camp goodbye for Benny’s two older sisters.   It was Benny’s first encounter with Chinese food and he loved it.  Every time he put something in his mouth we thanked Hashem (G-D).  It’s so important for him to eat as much as possible on the days he is feeling good, to store up for the days he doesn’t feel good, and won’t eat. I think his favorite Chinese foods are wontons and rice.

We heard some wonderful news of Zechusim (merits) from around the globe today being done in Benny’s honor.

“Faigie and Ari I read the latest of you’re posting of Benny with the sores in his mouth that could possibly be a sight effect. I heard one my kids say something not nice and the other child answer, remember Benny. Speak nicely. It was music to my ears. Just wanted to share with you.”

Wishing you all a safe and healthy Chodesh Tov  (good month)!

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