Old McDonald had a Farm…

Today Benny had the privilege thru the graciousness to Chai LIfe Line to visit a ranch in Malibu. He was a natural around the different kinds of animals, from riding a horse to petting a dog, and sheep.  However, the most fascinating connection he had was with the butterfly.  This one butterfly returned to where Benny was standing over five times.  Benny touched it almost every time, until finally Benny actually held it for a few seconds before it flew away.

Please watch this video of Benny holding the butterfly. You will be amazed!


I’ve mentioned the connection to the butterfly in a previous post, however, I will recapture those thoughts again.  The butterfly represents a sense of newness , after it sheds its old body.  The soul remains the same, however, the outside has a new found beauty.  As Benny is about to begin IY”H (G-D Willing) Round 4 of chemo this week, we envision shedding the unhealthy cells in his body and recreating new beautiful,  healthy cells that will allow him to soar to great heights in this world.  The butterfly sings and dances the praise of Hashem all day with joy and happiness. This is the second similarity that Benny shares with the butterfly. Benny loves to sing and dance and most of all Daven (pray) to Hashem.  We pray that your Tefillos are strong like Benny’s and that your requests of Benny’s Refuah Shlema (complete recovery)  are heard and answered by Hashem this week. IY”H.


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