Just a few more hours …ahh fresh air…can’t wait!

G-D Willing, we hope to be going home from the hospital in a few hours.  Benny did an amazing job this week so far. We hope his condition improves at  home, even though, that is when his counts will drop very low and is most susceptible to G-D Forbid getting a fever or infection.   Please keep those prayers strong and zechusim coming.  Clearly they are making an impact in Benny’s recovery.

While we are getting ready to go, there are other families here not as fortunate.  Please pray for Yaakov Ben Inbal ( Benny’s new friend on the floor), so that he too can go home and join the rest of his siblings. Refua Shlema.

We want to thank all of you who came to visit this week and for those of you who helped with the children at home.  Thank you Bikur Cholim and Chai LIfe Line. Benny met a few new Team Benny players as well.

Amber Valletta played with Benny in the playroom today!

Click on Video to hear a message to our girls in camp: amber video

One thought on “Just a few more hours …ahh fresh air…can’t wait!

  1. We are davening every day for little Benny! Although the miles are separating us, just remember how much you are all loved! Never forget that Hashem loves you the most, though! With big hugs, Marla and Jeff Schachter and kids

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