The Boy with the Red Ballooon

Being that there is a shortage of helium in the world for some reason, it is difficult to get balloons.  However, we were fortunate enough to get the room with the balloons this hospital visit.  Benny loves reaching up above his bed for the balloons.  Although, it is just balloons I do believe there is a lesson to be learned. Just as a balloon soars high in the sky  until we no longer can see it, so must we reach our utmost potential.  Benny is reaching beyond our expectations during this difficult week of chemo Thank G-D.  He  soars each and every day with Simcha (happiness) and laughter. From the minute he wakes up with his Zaida by his side, throughout the day with a constant stream of visitors, to the evening hours as he goes for a stroll in his stroller babbling good night to the nurses and other patients.

I also envision these balloons representing all the zechusim being done in his honor. As in the famous story “The Red Balloon”, there was first this one red balloon that followed this boy around the city of Paris, when the balloon was attacked and popped all the other balloons from the city gathered together to lift this boy out of his sad state. It was the Acdus (togetherness) that made this little boy come alive again and feel like a happy little boy. I feel that all of your zechusim (merits) are lifting Benny out of his difficult situation and elevating him to soar high in the sky and rid of all illness and pain.

Today, Benny enjoyed a private concert given by Rabbi Dubin.  Benny danced to the beat and even babbled along at times.   Thank you Rabbi Dubin for bringing joy to Benny today.

Click on video to see Benny enjoying the music: Asher Yatzor is a blessing one says after he/she uses the restroom  It’s a very powerful blessing when said with the right meaning. It is a blessing of healing the body and watching it from any harm.

Video: rabbidubin

Today Benny also learned how to make sand art.  As you can see in the video he really enjoyed it.  Thank you to his new friends Shoshi, Ruchie and his Aunt Devorah who played with him today and gave his Mommy and Daddy a chance to rest.

Video: sandart1

Video: sandart2

We are aiming to be discharged tomorrow afternoon G-D Willing if all goes well. Benny loves being home and so do we!


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