Thank you!

B”H Benny has come through another week, and his fourth cycle of chemo, with flying colors – due in no small part to your participation. Many of you have gone out of your way to contribute – physically and spiritually – in helping Benny down his road to a complete recovery. While there are many challenges to overcome in the road ahead we choose, at the advice of many wise people, to look back at the hurdles we’ve already cleared with room to spare.

It is often difficult to be as thankful as we should for each success that Hashem grants Benny (or any of us) along the way. This morning I was able to understand a concept we’ve all heard throughout our lives and maybe it will allow our family to tap into the necessary thankfulness. We have all been taught that all that happens in this world is a metaphor for our relationship with Hashem. In looking at the tens of thousands of moments of chesed (kindness) that have been given on Benny’s behalf and how much we’d like to talk to each person and say “Thank you! Thank you for everything you continue to do for Benny, for our entire family”. And then, we get the opportunity to say it to some of you. Only, interestingly enough, the words feel so inadequate. Almost hollow. So we repeat them… Doesn’t seem to change the feeling, though…

Well, if life is a metaphor, then this feeling of inadequacy is something we should certainly feel in our relationship with Hashem when He showers billions of blessings, large and small, on us daily. When we make brachos (blessings), or daven (pray), shouldn’t it feel so tiny by comparison?

So, I thought, what’s the greatest “thank you”? When someone gives you a set of dishes, invite them for a fabulous meal served on them. That’s the greatest “thank you”. Show that you are using their gift wisely, and enjoying it. If someone spends an hour playing with Benny in the hospital, take the respite they have given you and share the “Ahhh” feeling of being refreshed. That’s a “thank you”!

If fact, if our words to Him feel as small as they do when we thank our family and friends, I think we need to use Hashem’s greatest gift to thank Him. We need to choose to live every precious minute of our entire lives as a constant “Thank You” message to Hashem. Do good things, learn, daven (pray), act with kindness to one another. That’s a real “Thank You”!

So, Thank You all! Thank you to Benny’s doctors and nurses who show us such amazing care. Thank you to each of our family and friends. I know that every thought, word and deed on Benny’s behalf are the reason he is doing as well as he is. May Hashem grant each and every one of you, and your families, lives filled with reasons to be thankful!

A special thank you to Rachael and Jonathan for the beautiful Tehillim list. For all of you who have graciously asked for additional things you can do, please see the post below and sign up.

With all our love,

Ari & Faigie

(Please daven for Yaakov ben Inbal.)

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