Eating L’Shem Mitzvah

Since we were discharged Thursday afternoon, Benny developed a fever on Friday.  We had to go into the ER for some medication and observation.  It was a few hours of not knowing where we will be for Shabbos (the Sabbath). B”H (Thank G-D) we were discharged an hour before Shabbos and home with our family.    Benny is still not feeling as good as he should. He has a virus, fever and refuses to eat anything.  We ask of you to please Daven that he begins to regain his appetite so that Chas Veshalom (G-D Forbid)  he doesn’t dehydrate and have to go back into the hospital.  Being that some symptoms are related to his mouth and digestion, we are asking for you to have proper Kavana when saying your Brochos (Blessings) before and especially after you eat.  Many times we are in a hurry after we eat and forget to say a Bracha Acharona.  In the Zechus for Benny’s overall Refuah and immediate Refuah to his current virus please have Benny in mind as you recite your Brochos (Blessings).  As an extra bonus, maybe you can look inside a Bentcher for Benching (Grace after Meal).  Of course the Asher Yatzor Brocha  and guarding our tongue are effective for his Refuah as well.

I”H I hope to share good news with you tomorrow that your Tefillos and Zechusim did the job.

Please daven for Yaakov Ben Inbal – Benny’s new friend who wants to go home from the hospital.

3 thoughts on “Eating L’Shem Mitzvah

  1. Faigie and Ari
    We would like you to know that we did an Amen party yesterday in our parking lot for the kids in the neighbourhood(b”h there are plenty). We explained to the kids about the power of Amen and making Brachot. We hope that all the Brachot and Amens wil be a zechut for Benny’s refuah.

  2. We are in Seattle right now and I prayed for Benny as we passed by The Locks in Ballard because you had said how much Benny likes to see the fish there. Hoping to hear that he is feeling much better today.

  3. my hopes and prayers are constantly with your sweet little boy for a refuah shelaima. poor baby , just what he needed at this time , a virus. we feel terrible when we, healthy people get one, how much more is he feeling it in his condition and taking into account all that he is going through. a neighbor of azriel’s is a nurse and used to work in the children’s hospital where benny goes, she told me on shabbas that she has seen and worked with lots of children nebach who have this machalah and that children his age have the best chance of a full recovery than adults or even teenagers. it gave me a lot of chizuk just to hear such encouraging words. i continue to think of benny a many times a day especially when i am enjoying playing cards with my b.h. healthy grandchildren or going places with them. may hashem continue to give you both the strength and fortitude to face each new challenge. with much love. cousin joani

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