Just a quick update to let you know that B”H (Thank G-D) with the help of your prayers, Benny is beginning to feel better.  It was a long day in the hospital, especially because we hadn’t slept much the night before,  but after 9 hours we were able to go home.  Benny is eating a little better and is gaining back his energy. His fever has going down B”H . The next few days are going to be challenging as Benny’s counts will drop, but once again with your continued prayers and support he will weather thru with flying colors.

Today, was also the day that Benny’s brother Shmuel Tuvia was to get his cast off.  It was  a balancing act, being with Benny on the 5th floor as he was getting a blood transfusion and having to be with Shmuel Tuvia on the 4th floor getting his cast removed. Shmuel Tuvia got his green cast off, only to get a blue one put on.  Another 2 weeks to go.

I want to thank my dear sister in law, Nechama for being with us all day in the hospital.  and “Aunt” Shoshie for bringing Shmuel Tuvia to and from the hospital and helping with Benny too!  Thank you Bikur Cholim for arranging the direct blood donor and for lunch!

We are looking forward to an uneventful night and day tomorrow IY’H (G-D Willing).







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