We are all One!

The following was written by our dear friend Aviva from Passaic who came in for a two day visit this week:
Yesterday, as I sat in the hospital, my heart broke and I felt despair. Faigie held her baby in her arms as he cried. He’s in pain. Yes, it’s easier if we push these thoughts out of our minds. But, events in life are the impetus to propel us forward to the greatness we were created to be.
We, the Jewish people, are in the midst of an epidemic   None of us are untouched by cancer. We all know someone, if not ourselves that have it. But what can I, one person do?!
My friend who passed away from it a few years ago said to me “I always thought it could only happen to others, not me, after all, I keep mitzvos and strive to grow…”. She was a tzadeikes.
The Torah tells us we are not allowed to despair, and that our thoughts, speech, and actions create movements in the upper worlds (nefesh hachaim).
In truth all of klal Yisrael is one. We are all connected under the kisei hakavod (nefesh hachaim).
Binyamin Chaim is also YOUR baby. All the cholim are a part of us ( our mother, our father, our sister, our brother, our child) and we can have an effect in changing their (our) status through our tefilos and our actions.
Please Don’t believe in the reality you see, as us being separate. Open any of the seforim hakedoshim and you will see the truth.  We are ONE.  What happens to me, is happening to you on a level you can’t see with your eyes. There is a spiritual world that is more real than this physical one. In fact, we are given this opportunity of life to reveal this fact(mesilas yesharim) If you believe, that all that is real is what you see with your eyes, then how do you explain love?
I am trying to organize two things in the merit of his complete Refuah and the (spiritual, emotional, physical Refuah) of all klal Yisrael. And of course you can take on other things in this zchus(merit) that may speak to you.
But I beg of you, especially as the three weeks are just beginning and they are a result of us seeing only this world as real and not the spiritual one(rav moshe weinberger shiur on tamuz and av)to DO Something to create upward movement in our lives.
1 hafrashas challah by forty women weekly (see it’s power in the Rebbetzin kanievsky book and the sources for this are in there as well)
2. Five minutes of learning Tomer Devorah daily-there will be a call in number to learn it iyH.
(sanzer rebbe and others say this protects people against cancer)
Please let me know what you can sign up for and forward this email to others.
Here is the link to copy and paste into the blog.
I will b”n send out reminders and updated the page weekly.
Rachael Gudema
Managing Director
The Gudema Family, Inc.
Attached is a card that was made for Hafrashas Challah for Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah:

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