We just want to be home for Shabbos

I want to be able to light my Shabbos candles at home and pray for the well being of my husband, my children, my family, friends and the world at large. True I can pray over the electric lights, but it’s not the same as looking into the two tone colored flames and watching the candles flicker. It’s not the same sitting in a hospital room making Kiddush, Hamotzei and singing Zemiros without  our other children. My husband not being able to bench our children and seal it with a kiss. I will miss the smell of the chicken soup cooking Erev Shabbos or the hot potato kugel coming out of the oven (although lately, my wonderful neighbor has been bringing us one every week). I will miss going to shul for some of the davening and afterwards greeting friends Good Shabbos.  I will miss not being able to take Benny away from all the craziness he has to go thru during the week and just being able to relax in peace over Shabbos.

All I pray for before I go to sleep tonight is that IY”H (G-D Willing) when I wake up in the morning, Benny’s appetite returns, he eats everything in site and the doctors discharge us in time for Shabbos. Then I will be able to light my Shabbos candles.

Good Shabbos and we hope to see you in Shul IY”H.


One thought on “We just want to be home for Shabbos

  1. Faigie, my thoughts are with you and I truly hope you are able to get out for Shabbos. I had to be in the hospital myself for an extended period of time a few years ago and the most difficult time is shabbos/yom tov. It is my heartfelt wish for you to be able to be home with your delicious Benny and his siblings.

    I think about you and Benny every day and I daven for him all the time.

    Love, Shayna

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