A Room Without a View

Erev Shabbos… we are still in isolation.  3 days already!  It has been extremely challenging and difficult to be in this situation.  Benny doesn’t understand and cries to go bye bye.  He usually falls asleep when we can push him around in his stroller.  Being that he can’t leave his room, he cries himself to sleep. I cry too!

As I am writing this, my sister just called and told me that Hashem wants us exactly where we are.  A room without a view.  We can’t see the big picture. Maybe Hashem is protecting Benny from something that we don’t know about.  Maybe Hashem doesn’t want us looking out of the window and getting distracted. Focus on what’s within. Connect with our soul.  So that’s what we will do. Invite the Malachim in our room as we sing Shalom Alechim and feel the Kedusha from within.

Wishing you all a wonderful Simchadik (Happy) Shabbos!

Faigie, Ari and Benny




One thought on “A Room Without a View

  1. Dear Faigie:
    I just heard the good news from You that the ban has been lifted. Remember you have the best view and that is of Benny!
    We love you and our hearts and prayers are with you, Ari and Benny. May you enjoy your Shabbos with your new friend’s, the family of Yaakov Ben Inbal.
    I will try to walk the 7 miles over Shabbos.
    I love you.

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