As your Challah dough rises…

As you watch your Challah (bread) dough rise, please have in mind that Benny’s  white blood counts which are extremely low,  rise as well.

Thank you for all the women around the world who have participated this Shabbos in Hafrashas Challah, in Benny’s merit, for a complete Refuah Shlema Min Hashamayim (full recovery from Heaven)

On an upbeat note, one of the reasons we miss about being home for Shabbos is having guests.  B”H this morning a pediatrician came him to check on Benny. He accepted our invitation to join us for Shabbos dinner tonight as he is on call this Shabbos. Hopefully Benny will be up to singing his Zemiros (songs).

Good Shabbos!


Good Shabbos!



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