Amazing follow up to Faigie’s post…

A few minutes after Faigie sent her most recent post, I received the following from a dear friend from Passaic, NJ – Rabbi G.

I’m not man enough to cry often but your wife’s words hit just the spot. I started saying the kapitlach (psalms) corresponding to your son’s name and the first pasuk (verse) began just where the email left off…bameh yizakeh na’ar es urcho, lishmor kidvarecha! (see below)

May he and you and all cholei yisroel (ill people) receive a refuah shelaimah right away and may we merit to see the two of you serve in the beis hamikdash hashlishi b’mheira vyumeinu!!!!!! (Third Holy Temple Speedily in Our Days) 

For those unfamiliar, Psalm 119 contains in it verses that begin with each of the letters of the hebrew alphabet. It is an age old practice to say the verses associated with each letter of the hebrew name (and that of the person’s mother) of a person who is ill.

Benny’s name starts with a Beis/Bet. The first verse associated with that letter was mentioned above. Here’s the plain meaning of the pasuk (verse) that is first in the prayers for Benny in קיט (Psalm 119);

“How can a youngster purify his path? By observing Your word.”

However, the word ארחו (Urcho) can be used to mean “path” – or it can mean a meal as in “ארוחת הבוקר” (the morning meal – breakfast).

Using this interpretation the verse reads as follows:

“With what can a youngster merit (יזכה) his meal?  To watch that our words are like Your words!” (i.e., to speak in a G-dly manner) – use our words to eliminate strife, increase torah learning, improve our prayers, etc.

As Benny likes to say, “woooow”.

I’ve said enough…


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