Chasdei Hashem!

Dear Family & Friends –

It is with hearts filled with joy and gratitude to Hashem that we report some wonderfully
positive news this Erev Shabbos. Over the past few days, Benny underwent a series of scans designed to see how effective the treatments have been to date, as well as prepare him for his upcoming surgery. This morning, we met with his surgeon who reviewed these scans with us and confirmed the results with his oncologist.

Thank God, the scans showed that the treatments to this point have been very effective. In fact, except for the original site of the tumor, no additional cancer was detectable. This is a major brocha (blessing)!!! It is the best outcome we could hope for to this point. We are certain that it is a direct result of your tefillos (prayers) and maasim tovim (good deeds) on Benny’s behalf.

While there is likely a year left to his treatments, and many chasms to cross, Benny has come through his first four treatment cycles like a champ!

It feels incredible to share this news with all of the members of Team Benny. We ask you to keep him in your prayers and keep doing amazing things in his merit so that all future tests will bring positive news as well.

Thank you all from the depths of our hearts!

Ari, Faigie, Benny and Family

One thought on “Chasdei Hashem!

  1. Love your website. May your strength and fortitude during this time be a chizuk for the community and klal yisroel. May Hashem grant Benny a continued refuah. So glad to read that he is doing so well baruch Hashem. We will continue to daven. He is so cute kain ayin horah. Have nachas.

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