Packing for another week at the hospital

The night is short so I will be brief. Tomorrow IY”H (G-D Willing) Benny will be going in for surgery bright and early 7:30. We have to be at the hospital at 5:30 for pre-op.  No food after midnight, no drinks 3 hours prior to surgery and no whining please!  Explain that to a 20 month old.  Surgery is expected to last around 2 1/2  hours. We appreciate your Tefillos and Brochos and Zechusim at that time for Benny’s complete Refuah Shlema Min Hashamayim. May the doctor be guided by Hashem to remove only that which is unhealthy and dangerous to Benny and keep the healthy parts in place.

Today, we enjoyed a beautiful day at a park by the beach. The air was refreshing and the temperature was perfect. Benny laughed and giggled the whole time. It was quite emotional seeing him walk or wobble on the sand knowing that tomorrow he will be too weak to get out of bed.  While he was walking over the small mounds of sand and falling every so often, he immediately picked himself up and continued on his walk as if nothing happened.  We are hoping for the same outcome tomorrow G-D Willing. No matter what transpires, Benny will pick himself up as if nothing can stop him and keep persevering and remain strong, upbeat and extraordinary happy.

Today,  as Benny ran after a seagull, I thought of the amazing Mitzvah of Shiluach Hakan and the power of the Mitzvah in blessing someone that performs it with a long healthy life. Although, he has not yet performed this Mitzvah personally himself, others have on his behalf.

Watch Benny enjoy life 🙁 I am having technical difficulty at the moment – I will try and work on uploading the video tom)

Good Night!



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