What will tomorrow IY”H (G-D Willing) bring you?

Today was an off day. An off day is when we don’t have to drive 4 miles east of our home and enter a building that we don’t leave until days later. Today, Benny did not have to take that drive, instead his older brother Shmuel Tuvia did to have his cast removed B”H (Thank G-D). He is once again free to swim, bathe and sleep without a weights on his arm.

Knowing we only have three days out of the hospital this week, every minute is precious. The difficulty is deciding what to do. Do we try and live a normal life, get an oil change and car wash (which my car so desperately needs), go to the grocery store (which my refrigerator needs), or just go to the swings at the park, or for a stroll by the ocean or get a milkshake?  Should we be going to sleep early, knowing we are not going to get much after Wednesday’s surgery?

Every time before we go into the hospital it feels like it’s Erev Pesach (the Eve of Passover).  Trying to get done all the errands, doing the things around the house that never seem to get done, hang pictures on the walls, change light bulbs, sort the toys, sort through the clothes that are  too small on my kids, make sure the kids have supplies for school. I know it’s early but we don’t know our schedule one day to the next and before you know it, school it starting and the kids are not prepared!

Most likely I will get an oil change and car wash. We need to be prepared at all times in case of emergencies (G-D Forbid). I hope to get in some relaxing time as well and try not to miss out on the opportunities that come my way.

If tomorrow brings you the opportunity to ; read a book to your kids, take a walk or a nap,  relax in the sun and meditate, Daven with a Minyan (pray in the synagogue), go to a shiur (lecture) GRAB IT, ENJOY IT and be GRATEFUL the opportunity came your way. Don’t look at it as a burden or something you are forced to do, look at it as a Chesed (kindness) from Hashem (G-D) that He is giving you that  opportunity.

2 thoughts on “What will tomorrow IY”H (G-D Willing) bring you?

  1. Feige u r a true inspiration. I think and daven for u and your sweet little Benny everyday. Hashem should grant benny a complete and speedy recovery and you and your family should only grow through this difficult nisayon. Sending you positive thoughts and support your way.

  2. Dear Faigie:
    I am so proud and grateful to have you as my sister. You have been such a true example to all of us with your strength and your emunah.
    I am awake praying with all of my heart that Benny’s surgery will be successful and painless tomorrow. May Hashem grant Binyomin Chaim a complete Refuah Sheleimah. You have taught Benny to love the mitzvahs of Hashem. I enjoyed watching him put Ari’s talis on during Shabbos, hold the siddur and daven. It is so cute to see how he wants to be picked up to kiss the mezuzah when he enters a room. Refuah Sheleimah to Benny and to everyone who is need of one.

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