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B”H Benny is out of surgery.  We are grateful to Dr. Stein and his team for their expertise, care and compassion in helping Benny reach his full recovery.

As he sleeps on the bed next to me, I just stare and think to myself what this little baby of 20 months has gone thru in the last 3 months. It is really unimaginable to think about it. What has me more in awe is his Simchas Hachaim (love of life). Just yesterday he was enjoying the breeze at the ocean, shoveling sand over his toes, a piece of chocolate and best of all dancing with his Zaida and auntie Shira during dinner. He actually wore his Zaida out, but insisted he keep dancing and so his Zaida did.  On the way into the operating room he was giggling.  It caused me to cry more. His love for Hashem (G-D), for life shows no boundaries.  As Benny was in surgery I recited Perek Shira (the Songs of the Universe).  The song concludes with song of the dog.  The last song is given to the dog. The dog represents his devotion to his master. The dog will do anything for his master, “his best friend.”  One of Benny’s very few words is “ruff ruff.”  Yes he loves dogs, maybe because they share the same Middah (characteristic)  of “Loyalty” to his Master. No matter what is thrown at him, he picks himself up, with a smile and even has the ability to make others around him smile and serve Hashem (G-D). He goes to sleep with a smile, sleeps with a  smile and wakes up with a smile.

While sitting in the waiting room davening (praying) we were privileged with a very special visitor. A woman of valor, Yaakov’s mother. Yaakov (17 months) is Benny’s friend who is also fighting a childhood cancer, and is being treated in this hospital.  They were diagnosed a week apart and have been praying and playing  with each other.  Yaakov’s mother, Inbal had spent the whole day here just yesterday with her Yaakov. She has a small baby at home and 8 other children to care for. So when she walked in with her Tehillim (Psalms) spiritual nourishment, in one hand  and danishes in the other, a tremendous burden was lifted.  We discussed the significance of our two families merging.   We come from Ashkenazik descent and they from Sefard. The power of these two sects uniting together as one, feeling each other’s pain is immeasurable.   May Hashem (G-D) bless Inbal and her family with strength, courage only good health. Let us all unite under the Kanfei Hashchina (wings of G-D) in peace and prayer to bring the final Geula Shlema (final Redemption).










3 thoughts on “Post Op

  1. I love you and think of you often, and daven for you. May Hashem send Benny the refuah shlaima veery quickly.
    Love Sheila and Benjie

  2. Dear Faigie and Ari

    Joshua and I made Aliyah to Israel last week. I made Challah for the first time here and davka made enough so that I could make Hafrashat Challah and give Binyamin’s name in my Tefillah. My son who is 3 made the challah with me, and we said Binyamin’s name together, nice and slow, and I’m certain that my son’s utterance of “refuah shelemah” resounded in shamayim, perhaps more than mine.
    Binyamin should have a complete refuah shelamah, and Hashem should give both of you the amazing strength to continue to be there for him and all the rest of your children. You are truly special parents.

    • Mazel Tov! That is wonderful news. We are so happy for you and wish you mazel and bracha as you embark on your new journey in life.
      Thank you for davening and baking for Benny. Your story gives us tremendous menucha (peace) and hope. Thank you and Good Shabbos!
      Faigie, Ari and Benny

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