While we wait…

We are sitting and waiting for Benny’s doctors to complete what we are sure will be a successful surgery.

We sit here with our tehillims pouring our hearts out to the true healer praying that His messengers accomplish their appointed tasks with His hand guiding theirs.

Yesterday, I was able to spend a few precious moments with a true Tzaddik ben Tzaddik, R’ Aharon Holland from Ramat Beit Shemesh (the son of Rabbi Shlomo Holland SHLITA). He shared an amazing thought that was made even more potent this morning.

What is the power of tefillah (prayer)? If a person has zechusim (merits) he will have a salvation… If one doesn’t, why should prayer help?
R’ Holland shared that the power of tefillah comes from the closeness that it creates between a person and Hashem. As we daven, pour our souls out to Him, we create a closeness and that closeness transcends the merits we may or may not have.

R’ Holland then asked, if that’s the case, why do my prayers for someone else have any impact at all? The fact that I get close to Hashem shouldn’t logically have an impact on someone else…

He explained that the pain of the person who is the “recipient” of the prayer has caused someone to come closer to Hashem and that sizable merit is given to the recipient.

This morning we had a visitor. A mother of 9 (k”eh) who’s young son Yaakov was diagnosed at about the same time as Benny. We have spent time together in the hospital (see Faigie’s post about Yaakov ben Inbal to learn more about the incredible connection between Benny and Yaakov) including an amazing Shabbos kumzitz with Yaakov and his father.

We have been davening for Yaakov and they have been davening for Benny. She dropped everything to come and daven with us this morning in our time of pain. She added the following thought… (While not literal – the concept is amazing…) When someone in the hospital has lot’s of visitors coming and going it creates a perception on the part of the medical staff that the person is loved dearly. This causes the staff to be even more attentive to the needs of that patient.

The same is true with Hashem (not literally, of course). When He sees hundreds of “visitors” praying for an ill person, he notices and feels “compelled” to heal that person.

We want to thank the literally thousands of people who have been davening for Benny. PLEASE keep it up and add Yaakov ben Inbal to your tefillos (if you haven’t already).

With great love.

Ari, Faigie, Benny and Family

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