Benny’s Day #2 after surgery

Today Benny was feeling a little better B”H (Thank G-D).  He sat up for some time in his bed. He read a few books, blew bubbles, and had some special visitors. His grandparents, grandma from NY, auntie Shira, friend from the valley,  Harry and Lori and Riley.  Harry (from Glee) and Lori played games with Benny and helped him exercise without him realizing it (part of dance/art therapy).  Though we have never met Harry and Lori, they were so kind and generous of their time to visit and make Benny happy. Riley is a 4 year old Golden Retriever.  Benny communicated his “ruff ruff” and smiled while his Zaida did his famous “donald duck” voice. Riley took an instant liking to Zaida and felt right at home on Benny’s bed.

We hope tomorrow Benny will be allowed to eat solids and begin to get his strength back. His siblings are eager for his return home. Unless Benny shows great signs of improvement by tomorrow afternoon, we will once again spend Shabbos in the hospital.  At least we are in a room with a view and a mural of an eagle above Benny’s bed, which represent the Kanfei Hashechina (wings of Hashem). 

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