This morning my sister Shira had a gathering of over 40 + women reciting Tehillim (Psalms) for Benny, his friend Yaakov Ben Inbal, and other Cholim in the community. The power of these Tefillos along with the Achdus (togetherness) of these women from all over should bring the Refuah that is needed.

Yesterday, as Inbal was reciting Tehillim next to me while Benny was in surgery, we discussed the unique and special woman that Shira is.  She has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She is beautiful, inside and out! She is unique in that she knows how to make everyone she meets feel special and her best friend. She is always doing for everyone else. So now it’s my turn, our turn to do for her. She is a loyal daughter, sister, aunt, niece,  and friend.  The two nouns missing are wife and mother. Inbal said to me “how can we find that someone for Shira? What can we do?”  So this blog is dedicated to “Auntie Shira.”  Although, many of you know how special Shira is, there are other’s that have never met her.  Just maybe through Benny’s situation he will be Zoche (merit)  in helping find his “uncle.”  Everyone is deserving of their own personal Geula (redemption), but, we need each other to facilitate it. Those of you who are reading this, may have a brother, son, uncle or grandson who is also waiting to find his match in life.  Criteria for Benny’s uncle is as follows; Bal Chesed (kind), sensitive, sense of humor, generous,  loves Yidishkeit, intelligent, enjoys traveling, must love family (we have a big one! our 3rd cousins are considered 1st), between 45-55 years old.  For more information or to send your information please email me

Below is an email I received earlier – it just validates the power of togetherness.

Tonight, erev Rosh Chodesh Av 5772 there will be a women’s tefilla at the Kosel at 20:00, with an emphasis placed on achdus yisrael (togetherness). Organizers explain that with rosh chodesh being the yahrzeit of Aaron HaCohen, who was known for his peace-making efforts, it is a most appropriate time to be mispallel (daven) at the Kosel for his ever so important cause, that we should get along and respect one another.
The effort is being organized by the Am Echad im Lev Achad organization, which sponsors the annual event in the hope of bring Jews closer together. A number of prominent rebitzens are planning to attend but prefer that their names are not published for reasons of tznius. They women will be reciting tefilos and tehillim, including prakim 119 and 133, which contain the letters of the Hebrew words ‘achdus yisrael’.
The goal according to the women is to increase achdus and ahavas yisrael, and they are hopeful in the merit of the effort, the unity of their tefilos, the message will be heard. There will be simultaneous tefilos in Eretz Yisrael at kivrei tzaddikim as well as in cities, town and settlements throughout Eretz Yisrael, and also worldwide.   Those women and girls who are outside of Eretz Yisrael are asked to join in these prayers at the same time, if possible, or whenever they are able.

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