Refuah Shlema – Get Well

What does it mean?

I have never really thought of the what the full extent of Refuah Shlema means until now – the past three months . Yes, I have always wished people Refuah Shlema and really felt  their pain. However, aside from physical pain, I never really thought about the other pain that goes along with an illness.  The pain of the lack of normalcy that is taken away.  As I sit up late writing this, waiting for Benny’s last antibiotics to go in him I think of the pain.  Pain is not being able to kiss all my children and tuck them into their covers at night while we are in the hospital. Pain is not seeing their smiling faces when they come home after camp and  hearing about their fun day.  Pain is not seeing them run around in the backyard or playing a card game with them or sitting down to dinner with them. Pain is the phone call I receive from my children asking when Benny and I are coming home from the hospital.  Pain is no longer waving to my neighbors in the morning.  These are just a few examples. There are too many to list.  How do we as parents be in two places at once? Benny needs us. Our children at home need us.

So I have learned to become more sensitive to the term Get Well.  There is a much deeper meaning than just the actual illness. Walking thru the hospital almost on a daily basis seeing all kinds of illness, I begin to say to myself I wish this kid can WALK again, kick a ball in the park, or I wish this kid can FEED himself and hold their own ice cream cone. I wish that child can HEAR the birds chirp outside or his name being called. I wish the next child can SEE the beautiful world Hashem (G-D) created or his own face in the mirror.

Refuah Shlema means get well, get home, and get back to the “normalcy” of every day life.

It is a blessing to the Choleh (the sick one) and to the entire family and community that are involved. It is a blessing that affects generations upon generations.

My bracha to all those in need of a Refuah receive one to the utmost fullest in every area of your life and the lives around you.



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