3 More Days


BeEzras Hashem Yisborech in three days we are going home from the hospital. Being that it is the saddest day of the year of the Jewish people, it is ironic that we are looking forward to it. We are counting down the hours of going home.  We have been uprooted from our normal life. We have been here so long. We feel homeless. We feel we don’t belong.  We feel the Golus (Exile). Thank G-D we have food and shelter, but we miss being part of a community on a daily basis.  We miss the comfort and security of our home. We miss serving Hashem (G-D) without restrictions.

In three days we hope to celebrate, kissing the Mezuza on the front door (which Benny loves to do),  seeing the hummingbirds in the backyard, watching the magnificent sunset from my daughter’s room,  sleeping in something other than a hospital bed and most of all QUIET (no machines going off all night long, no nurses waking us up 100 times a night).

It somehow seems appropriate to be going home this Sunday. This is the day we all yearn to go HOME. End of our oppression.  End of our pain and suffering. Heal our loved ones. Find ones soulmate.  Promised Land here we come.

This Shabbos Benny will not be alone. There are 4 other Jewish families R”L on the floor.  I hope to be able to arrange a Brochos party as a Segula for a Refuah for all the sick children here.

We are unfortunately joined by Brocha Sara Chaya Bas Ronit Nava Tehilla. A delicious 14 year old girl who loves to do all those things a teenager does. Being in the hospital is not one of them.  We are in need of your Tefillos tonight, and tomorrow as she goes into surgery. Please Hashem grant this beautiful yidasha neshama a long and healthy and happy life 120 years.  May she be zoche to grow up, get married and build everlasting generations.

You may ask why we choose to share Benny’s life with all of you.  The most personal feelings. The deepest of pains and greatest of joys. It is to bring to you the unimaginable , imaginable.  We are all in Golus too long. We no longer feel the unimaginable pain Yerushalayim feels.  We are too comfortable. Going thru this experience with Benny gives us the ability to wake up. Feel the pain, take action. Do something. Make a change and see that it works.

IY”H in three days, with all of our continuous Davening, Zechusim and hard work we will turn the tears of pain into tears of joy and be Zoche to bring the Geula Shlema.

One thought on “3 More Days

  1. My Dear Sweet Faigie Sarah:
    Your beautiful words and thoughts have made a tremendous impact on everyone.
    I know this is life’s toughest challenge.
    May Binyomin Chaim Ben Faigie Sarah and everyone who needs a Refuah Shelimah be blessed with one quickly.
    May Hashem continue to give you, Ari & especially Benny strength.
    IY”H we will merit to celebrate and rejoice Benny’s recovery.

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