Me K’amcha Yisroel – Who is Like our People

I just had to share a few amazing things that allow us to go into Shabbos with great SImcha.

After my midnight post, about wanting to make a Brochos party in the hospital this Shabbos, I received a text from Binah asking if she could help.  Within just a few hours the entire Brochos party including paper goods was dropped off at the hospital. Grape Juice, cookies, dried fruit (limited with refrigeration) candy etc.   Truly remarkable.

The Chesed continued throughout the day. Bikur Cholim and Chai Life Line providing food throughout the day and Shabbos.  Then we had wonderful friends visiting and bringing Benny treats to make him and us more comfortable for Shabbos.

One thing I wanted to do was visit a special woman before Shabbos Chaya Zisa Elka Bas Bluma.  Please daven for this woman of valor. She is a mother, wife, grandmother, daughter and so much more in need of a Refuah Shlema.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get over to her house today, but the story I am about to tell just lets you know how connected we are with one another.

Our 11 year old son called us not long ago crying “saying his medicine was stuck in his throat.” We told him to drink and drink. He said he did but it didn’t help. He said the only thing that would help is a slurppie.  That was not an option being that we are in the hospital.  About five minutes later we got a call from our older daughter telling us someone just dropped off 5 slurppies for all the kids. That someone was the daughter of Chaya Zisa Elka Bas Bluma. It was truly remarkable.   Our children cry out and Hashem deliver…within minutes.  Chilling !!! no pun intended.  May Hashem hear our cries, see our pain and deliver the salvation we need just as fast as the slurppie came and as fast as they disappear.

We are honored to have Auntie Shira join us this Shabbos. We are sending Ari home to be with the other children.  Good Shabbos Klal Yisroel!

Picture of Brochos Party – You are all invited to attend










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