More time to Daven

Surgery for Brocha Sara Chaya Bas Ronit Nava Tehilla, a very sweet 14 year old girl in need of a big Refuah Shlema was postponed. Unfortunately, she had to fast hours and hours before she was told it was postponed.  The good news is she is given more time to collect more prayers and zechusim. We will IY”H be able to spend Shabbos together and rejoice with Zemiros and the Brochos party tomorrow.

My dear friend Aviva wrote me the following Divrei Torah


Shabbos Chazon (vision):

The vision of destruction can turn into the vision of the Bais Hamikdash rebuilt…


Parshas Devarim: Through the use of your words (dibur), your tefilos, prayers, can change everything.
(based on Rabbi Moshe Weinberger’s lectures: Davening during the three weeks)
May we greet each other next at the rebuilt Bais Hamikdash.


Good Shabbos!

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