Ping Pong

It’s an enjoyable sport if you are not the ball. Motzei Shabbos we B”H were discharged from the hospital after a 3 week stay (going home a few days in between).  Today was the first day in a long while where Benny was just able to chill and relax. The morning started off by going on a walk with his Zaida. Later he went on another walk with his sister, Mommy and friend.  Then he got to go bye bye to Bubbie and Zaida’s house.  He loves going to his grandparents. Especially when he can empty out cabinets.  It was a day that I  looked forward to relaxing too. About 2pm Ari gets a call from the doctor saying that Benny needs to go back to the hospital to get a blood transfusion. The moments of tranquility came to a screeching halt.

Tomorrow (this Tuesday) I”YH we are flying back east for a doctors appointment in CHOP (Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia). The next part of Benny’s treatment will take place there and the dr.’s need to meet with all of us first.   Benny’s doctor felt the blood transfusion would help boost Benny’s immune system and make him stronger for the trip.

And so I took him to the hospital. When we got there, the nurses tested his blood to see the levels. After an hour of waiting we were told that his counts remained the same as last Friday, they hadn’t dropped. The nurses then called the doctor to let her know the blood test results. The doctor was in a meeting but got a message relayed a by her assistant. The assistant responded back to our nurse that no transfusion was necessary.

At that point I was both perturbed that we had to come in the first place and relieved that we could go home and not have to spend the next 4 plus hours in the hospital.  So I reloaded the stroller in the car, paid for parking and began to drive home. I notified Ari of the events along the way. He immediately emailed the doctor asking why a change of heart. The doctor responded that Benny was supposed to get a blood transfusion and that I should go back .Then she said to wait. Then she said he needs one.  There was a great deal of back and forth and back and forth. Just like a ping pong ball!. Not quite sure who the players were at that point.

Back to the hospital we went, waiting once again for the transfusion.  At that point, Benny had enough and became fussy. Do you blame him!  Ari joined us soon thereafter, and Benny calmed down.

Being that it is the week of the Olympics Benny earned his gold medal for being the fastest ping pong baby today.

I hope and pray that this week go as smooth as possible and that we do not face any additional complication Chas Vesahlom this week.

Please have in mind that Benny be safe and healthy on his journey this week.  Thank you!

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  1. Wishing you and Benny a safe and seamless journey to CHOPP and that his treatment go smoothly and successfully. Always thinking about you and davening, Shayna

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