Siyim Hashas

B”H this Erev Shabbos I am writing to you from home.  It was been a busy week. Benny, his brother Joey, Ari and I went to NY, PA and NJ in just a few days. Benny IY”H will be going for part of his treatment to CHOP (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). The doctors had to meet with us and Benny to go over the treatment plan and show us around the hospital.

B”H we were Zoche (privileged) to fly private by the good graces of some very wonderful individuals, as going on a commercial plane would have been to dangerous for Benny,

being that his counts were very low coming out of chemo.

We landed in JFK around 8 headed straight out to Phili. The drive was a little over two hours.  When we got to the hotel there was a treasure chest filled with toys that  Benny was able to pick a toy from.

Wednesday we had to be in Chop at 10:30 for our dr.’s appt. While waiting for the appointment Benny was entertained in the playroom. There was an amazing organization Konker Cancer that came in with sewing machines and fabric and allowed the children to make their own pillowcases.   Benny loved putting the straight pins into the fabric.  His brother Joey loved the sewing.  Benny also was greeted by volunteers from Converse and fitted Benny with a brand new pair of red Converse.   We are thankful to Aunt Chani and Aunt Hindy and Tante Estee who drove in from NY and NJ to help out. We are also thankful to Chai Life Line for helping with arrangements and food.

B”H the consultation went well. We got a tour of the hospital and most of our questions answered. The meeting was quite emotional. It stirred up feelings that I had in the beginning of this whole ordeal.  Like, “I can’t believe this is really happening.”

This next phase of treatment takes place in 3 weeks in Philadelphia for 1 week. After the appointment we drove up to NJ to attend the Siyum Hashas. There are no words to describe being surrounded by close to 100,000 Yidden from all over the world to celebrate the completion of the Siyum Hashas. Davening in unison, saying Tehillim, storming the Heavens for a Refuha Shlema for Benny and all the Cholim was surreal.  I was just waiting for the sounds of the shofar to signify that the Geula has arrived. I”YH let us continue to hope and pray that we are all  reunited once again very soon.
The following day we headed home, but not before we stopped by our former neighborhood in Clifton/Passaic.   It was wonderful to see our close friends and family (for about 20 minutes). It felt that we were back in time, pre-illness.

Although the trip was exhausting, it actually felt like we had escaped from it all and had a break from at least the hospital here.

Wishing you all a wonderful and restful Shabbos.




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