The tooth fairy

Yesterday, two of my boys each had a tooth fall out. Of course they mentioned before they went to sleep to call the tooth fairy. And so we did.  I was in the room this morning when my 7 year old woke up and saw a couple dollar bills on his pillow. I shared that very same smile when I opened my refrigerator when we came home from a doctor’s appointment at the hospital yesterday. A dear friend, who we can nickname the “food fairy,” came to our house when we were at the hospital, took inventory of what we needed and refilled the refrigerator and freezer.  When we returned from the appointment the fridge and freezer were fully stocked with all the foods my kids love to eat. The physical nourishment is so important during this time, however, it doesn’t hold a candle to the spiritual nourishment that these acts of kindness provide us.

We are so grateful to all those woman that bake Challah each and every week for Benny’s Refuah Shlema. Just know that it has an immediate impact on Benny. Come Friday afternoon, Benny is eager to bring in Shabbos early, so he can enjoy Kiddush and especially eat his Challah, followed by singing Zemiros (songs).

Yesterday, after Benny’s doctor appointment and platelet transfusion he was given the green light to attend his cousins birthday party.  He enjoyed the party as much if not more than the one year old birthday girl, Julia.  He jumped on the moon bounce, rode an electric fire truck, rode on a swing and had a delicious homemade cupcake. It was a good day for Bennylicous!

Throughout this entire journey so far we have come across so many different fairies, or I prefer to call them angels of Hashem (G-D).  We have been blessed with the following angels in our life: carpool angels, chef angels, babysitting angels, flying angels, entertainment angels, Davening (praying) angels, shopping angels, healing angels, and of course the errand angels. I know I left out a few, especially the angel that keeps track of everything for me!  We are true believers and so grateful for all you angels of Hashem. You have made the most painful and difficult period of our lives, this Golus (Exile) filled with Simcha (happiness) and hope.  With G-D’s help the redemption and ultimate cure will arrive very shorty.  We all just  have to BELIEVE!!!




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