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  1. hi faigie and ari, as always i am moved by your blog. the first thing i do in the morning after washing my face and brushing my teeth, is to put on my computer and see if you had a minute to write another missive. you are so interesting as you record your feelings and bring us up to date on not only benny’s progress and your difficulties in dealing with the different problems that come your way as well as bringing to our attention other parent’s sad fight with this terrible machalah and your empathy with them. i know that i have said it before , but it bears repeating. you both are an inspiration to all of us with your emunah and gentle confidence that hashem will give you a positive outcome to this terrible time. way down the road, i.y.h. when your benny has passed through all of the tests that he needs to pass to get to the point that he is well and thriving (and i have every confidence that with your emunah and the whole world davening and saying tephilot that this will become a reality) you must take up another career faigie—besides the creative outstanding career you now have with your designs–and write a book about your experiences these past months. the main reason i am writing though was to tell you that one picture is worth a thousand words. these pictures are so precious. benny looked like he was having such a good time and b.h. was at least for now free of pain. may he remain so for as long as possible. please give him many hugs and kisses from his cousin joani who loves him even though we have not had the pleasure of meeting personally. i will be in l.a. b.e.h. for succot so who knows, maybe i’ll actually meet this lovely little guy yet. also note that i am only 1 and 1\2 hour drive from philadelphia. i now that the next part of his treatment is supposed to be there. if i can visit you and benny there, please let me know. love as always, cousin joani

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