A trip to the Zoo!

Wednesday’s are scheduled clinic days. Benny’s Dr. examines him briefly, but most of all discusses with us the next step to his recovery. The appointments usually last about a half a day, a lot of waiting around though!  So after we were all done, I wanted to take Benny to the Zoo. I thought he might enjoy it. We met my sister and her kids there as well. It was quite a disappointment I have to say. The only animals we saw were the stuffed ones in the gift shop and maybe a squirrel, bird and flamingo at most. We took the tram around the zoo. It was too hot to walk. At least Benny got to go on a tram ride around the grounds. While on the tram, I received a phone call from Benny’s oncologist saying that based on his lab results earlier in the day, he will need a blood transfusion. This should prevent any delays in CHOP for next weeks treatment.  Once again, expect the unexpected and there won’t be disappointment. I can’t say I was happy about going in today, but there’s no choice, so why not make the best of it.

Benny did great this morning B”H at the day hospital. We were in a room with another patient on the other side of the curtain who was having his stem cells collected. The technician that did this procedure, also did it for Benny.  He is a loyal Team Benny player and tells me every time we meet how he is praying and speaks about him to all his friends. He told me today, he never met such strong child/baby like Benny.   It was nice to hear.

Benny likes to keep himself busy during treatments, whether it is playing with toys in the playroom or moping the hallways of the hospital.

continuing 2:00 am Sunday morning – I had fallen asleep Thursday night and did not have a chance to update the Benny site until now –

I will have to continue at some point tom.  We have a 6:30 am flight to Philadelphia. Benny will be having treatment this week in CHOP.  Please have him in mind in all your Tefillos this week.



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  1. behatzlacha this week in philadelphia. if i can do anything at all to help in ANY WAY, i am an hour and a half away. you know that in new jersey that is nothing in driving time. keep your spirits up all of you, benny , mommy and abba. the end is no that far away. a positive fully recovered adorable baby. just think he has experience if he ever needs a job mopping hospital floors!! it pays better than the kolel or even teaching these days!! love, cousin joani you can reach me by phone or email. i check it every day and if you don’t have my number, shira has it as does your father.

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